How To Store Bananas


Few healthful foods are more travel-friendly than the banana. The fruit, which is high in vitamins and minerals, is an excellent source of energy and, as a bonus, comes with its own to-go container, courtesy of Mother Nature. However, there is one drawback to the big banana, and that is how quickly it may go … Read more

Global Street Cuisine

One of the best ways to take up a destination’s local culture is to eat street cuisine. You can`t ignore the aromas of porchetta sandwiches in Florence, Italy, or freshly cracked durian on practically every street corner in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Street food is not only delicious, but it is also a cheap and interesting way … Read more

How To Fix Bugs In Garden


Gardeners have a lot on their plates in June since there are a lot of jobs to complete before summer arrives. June, like May, is all about getting the garden ready for the summer months by preparing and maintaining it. Certain plants can still be planted before the temperatures really start to rise next month. … Read more

How To Save Money On Ordering Food

You’re not alone if you order food delivery on a regular basis. When life becomes busy, individuals rely on meal delivery because they’re too tired to cook or can’t stand reheating the same chicken casserole for the fourth night in a row. There’s nothing wrong with ordering food delivery if it fits into your budget … Read more

Superfood Palette

Whether you want to revamp your diet or simply change up your meals, incorporating some of these foods into your routine is simple. Many of the foods mentioned below are not only tasty, but also abundant in vitamins and antioxidants. Some of these may even help you lose weight. Don’t be afraid to try something … Read more

Summer Gardening USA & UK 2022

red tomatotomatoes

Growing veggies at home provides gardeners with a number of advantages, including having fresh produce on hand during the warmer months. Experts have identified the “simple” crops to farm right now. It is critical to seed fruits and vegetables at the appropriate time of year so that they are as tasty as possible when harvested. … Read more

Organic Farming In Uttarakhand

Organic farming is an agricultural technique that uses environmentally friendly pesticides and biological fertilisers produced primarily from animal and plant wastes, as well as nitrogen-fixing cover crops. Modern organic farming arose in response to the environmental damage caused by conventional agriculture’s use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, and it provides major ecological benefits. Organic … Read more

Pre-Monsoon Gardening

As the rains fall, here are few plants you can grow anywhere at home to keep mosquitos away. Looking for strategies to keep mosquitos and other insects at bay during the rainy season? Here are ten plants that are incredibly simple to grow at home and may be used to naturally prevent water-borne infections. If … Read more

Are Chemicals In Food Harmful ???

Scientists have uncovered over 3,000 potentially hazardous chemicals contained in food packaging and other food-related products, two-thirds of which were previously unknown to be in contact with food. A multinational team of researchers examined over 1,200 scientific papers in which pollutants were assessed in food packaging, processing equipment, tableware, and reusable food containers. According to … Read more