Crunchy Puffed Rice-Healthy Food

Puffed rice

What exactly is Mamra/ puffed rice ? Puffed rice, also known as kurmura, mamra, or murmura, is a rice-based cereal. Puffed grains are formed by boiling rice kernels under high pressure in the presence of steam. It has a white colour, is light in weight, and has a crispy texture. Is puffed rice nutritious/calorie counter … Read more

Indian Relish Chutneys/ Condiments


When the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan became unwell, it is believed that his hakims advised him to consume a hot and flavorful dish that was also simple to stomach. The chaat was born, a dish made with lentils and pulses and topped with a dribble of spicy mint and coriander chutney and sweet-sour date and … Read more

Can Gardening Help You To Find Mental Peace ???

Mental Peace

Introduction: Gardening can help you to find mental peace? If you’ve ever owned a garden or nurtured an indoor plant, you’ll understand how relaxing it can be. But given the amount of work involved (and the size of your backyard), gardening just doesn’t seem like the simplest way to chill out.   Gardening helps to … Read more

Is It Right To Use Pacifying Music During Dinner?

Pacifying Music

Introduction: Is it right or wrong to use pacifying music during dinner with family? It depends on a situation. Families may benefit the most if they can get along together without any stress and resentment at home. After long hours of daily routine, toil and trouble making, a family generally needs to break barriers and have time … Read more

How effective is chakra healing music?

Chakra Healing

The word “chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit, and it refers to the ancient Indian idea that our bodies are made up of seven spinning energy wheels.  Each chakra corresponds with different organ systems, emotions, or spiritual energies. When our chakras are not in balance, it can lead to physical and emotional ailments. Chakra healing music … Read more

Best Baking Cookbooks In 2022: Our Top 11 Reviews

Best Baking Book list

At SpizeVilla we’ve put together a list of the greatest baking Cookbooks for you to read and try at home. Everything from geographically and “authentically” global-influenced baking is covered in this collection of fundamental cookbooks. Everyone will find something to their taste. They also have a wide spectrum of abilities, from novice to aspiring. Rank … Read more