Can Gardening Help You To Find Mental Peace ???

Introduction: Gardening can help you to find mental peace? If you’ve ever owned a garden or nurtured an indoor plant, you’ll understand how relaxing it can be. But given the amount of work involved (and the size of your backyard), gardening just doesn’t seem like the simplest way to chill out.   Gardening helps to … Read more

Is It Right To Use Pacifying Music During Dinner?

Stress Free Music and Food

Introduction: Is it right or wrong to use pacifying music during dinner with family? It depends on a situation. Families may benefit the most if they can get along together without any stress and resentment at home. After long hours of daily routine, toil and trouble making, a family generally needs to break barriers and have time … Read more

How effective is chakra healing music?

The word “chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit, and it refers to the ancient Indian idea that our bodies are made up of seven spinning energy wheels.  Each chakra corresponds with different organ systems, emotions, or spiritual energies. When our chakras are not in balance, it can lead to physical and emotional ailments. Chakra healing music … Read more

Fun Facts About Music That’ll Make You Want to Listen: A blog around the benefits of listening to music

Music has the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. It can be used to express empathy, convey a message, or just to have fun. Everyone has their own favorite type of music and listening to it can provide different benefits for the listener. Most people would agree that listening to music … Read more

Snowfall Sound And Soothing Music: A blog around sounds and music to help you de-stress and sleep.

snow over jungle

We live in a world full of noises, noises that can really get on your nerves. Loud cars, traffic and construction all contribute to increased stress and anxiety levels. Noisy environments also make getting some rest difficult. Music is an effective way to drown out some of the surrounding noise and relieve stress and anxiety. … Read more

Natural Streams or Waterfalls Sound with calm back ground music for Deep Sleep: An article about listening to water flowing for falling asleep

Natural Water Stream

Is your room too noisy to sleep? Do you struggle to fall asleep every night? Do you need help to drift off into a deep, restful sleep? This post is for you if you responded yes to any of the questions above. It is not uncommon that many people struggle with insomnia or other issues … Read more

Relaxing Music with UHD 4K video amidst sun kissed forest: A blog about getting away from the stress of your daily life and relax amidst a sun kissed forest.

Sunlight in Forest

Do you ever have the feeling that your life is too hectic and stressful? Like, the only time you can really relax is when you’re asleep at night? You’re not alone. Actually, nine out of ten people say they don’t have enough time for themselves.   But there are things we can do to find … Read more

Difference Between Music and Mediation Music: A blog around the differences between music and meditation music

Chances are if you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you’re familiar with the sound of meditation music. The soothing sounds of a flute or a soft piano can help to create a calming mood and an environment for deep relaxation. So what is the difference between music and meditation music? There are many different … Read more