A Price Hike In Food and Transport Costs

  Groceries Food prices are expected to rise further this year. Packaging, transportation, and other inputs are becoming more expensive for food businesses. Labor is likewise scarce, and employees are demanding more pay. Meat prices are particularly high. Meat prices rose 15% in 2021, and Tyson Foods’ CEO noted this week that demand continues to … Read more

Artificial Intelligence In Food Industry

Artificial intelligence is already doing a lot in the food and beverage industry, and it has the potential to do considerably more. There are significant risks involved with all sorts of manufacturing, particularly those involving food and beverages. Which of the many potential variables is causing a procedure to fail? What constitutes a “good” product, … Read more

Invasion Of Alien Food

WHAT DO EXTRATERRESTRIAL HUMAN BEINGS EAT? A group of American biologists is beginning to investigate the potential by introducing Earth microorganisms to a diet that they would not ordinarily find on Earth. “We don’t know everything there is to know about life,” argues Andrew Ellington of the University of Texas in Austin. “What if we … Read more

Wow Momo Review

Wow, Momo is a pioneering fast-food platform in India that offers low-cost franchising options. Because of its unique and effective marketing strategy, the platform has a phenomenal brand recognition across the country. And now that the firm has been quickly expanding across India, it is looking to expand through its franchise model, therefore this is … Read more