Summer Gardening USA & UK 2022

Growing veggies at home provides gardeners with a number of advantages, including having fresh produce on hand during the warmer months. Experts have identified the “simple” crops to farm right now.

It is critical to seed fruits and vegetables at the appropriate time of year so that they are as tasty as possible when harvested. Because the weather is growing warmer, May is a fantastic time to get started on the vegetable patch if you haven’t already. “As the warmer weather gradually begins to sneak in, there is no better time for UK and USA people to get their hands dirty and start sowing,”

“If this is your first time gardening, there are lots of simple vegetables you can grow this spring with little time and effort; some can even be grown indoors on a ledge.” There are many vegetables that grow best in May and are ready for the grilling season.”

The expert also stated that there is “no better time” than now to begin cultivating vegetables.

Beetroot, which may be utilised in cooking, is one vegetable that can be sown right now. “A reasonably easy food to raise, beetroot is the excellent summer vegetable,” experts say. Before planting your beetroot seeds, choose a location that receives plenty of sunlight. “They can be planted until July, so there’s plenty of time to get started.”

Courgettes are a considerably larger crop than beets, thus they require more space to cultivate. Experts advise starting them indoors before putting them outside once the cold weather and late frosts have passed.





onions “Renowned for their adaptability, can come in many shapes and sizes to complement any meal,” the gardening experts stated. Onions thrive in the sun and prefer to be planted in the middle of spring. “Provided there are no interruptions throughout the growing phase, the onions should be ready for harvest at the end of summer.”





Garlic, like onions, may be used as a base for hundreds of meals and is a pantry staple in many homes. Gardeners can plant garlic cloves individually in the soil during the spring, ready for harvest late in the summer, according to experts.                                     





“Both French and runner beans yield plenty of crops in bright weather,” the researchers continued. “If you’re looking for value and volume for money, this plant will need plenty of rich, moist soil as well as plenty of sunlight.” These varieties can be grown all the way until July.”






Some crops, such as lettuce and radishes, can be cultivated throughout the summer.

 Lettuces can be planted till August and harvested until October. They like a sunny location, but can withstand some mild shadow. To properly sow them, sow the seeds in damp soil, cover liberally with compost, and don’t let the soil dry out.




Radishes can be sown all the way through September. Experts estimate that it takes around a month from the moment they are sown until they are ready to harvest. “Set them in a gro-bag, window box, or container and place in an area that gets a decent quantity of light.”




Tomatoes may be cultivated in any size or shape of area. “They’re ideal if you live in a flat or somewhere with limited green space.” Begin by growing the seeds indoors for a few weeks before transferring them outside, either in a container or directly into the soil. “There are a lot of tomato types, so you won’t be lacking in options.”



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