7 Proven Ways to Make Money Online

Inflation is currently at a 40-year high, pushing up costs on almost everything. While cost-cutting and careful planning can assist, it may not be enough for certain Americans.

If you’re in this situation, or if you just want to relieve some financial stress, you should think about starting a second, passive income source. Fortunately, the internet makes this much easy than you may imagine. There are numerous ways to make money online that do not require any special skills.

make money
make money online

Do you want to generate a passive income? Here are seven ideas for earning extra money.

1. Create a blog


Blogs are no longer simply for entertainment. When done correctly, they can be highly profitable. The idea is to choose a niche, acquire an audience, and then monetize your site. This is possible through affiliate marketing, which pays you a fee when someone clicks on a monetized link or purchases a product promoted on your blog. You might also experiment with selling and showing advertisements on your website.

2. Participate in online polls

Giving your opinion and participating in market research can also be simple ways to earn money online. Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, OneOpinion, Opinion Outpost, and Ipsos iSay are some of the more popular survey sites. Keep in mind that these will not bring in a lot of money. Swagbucks claims that its members earn between $1 and $5 every day. That is why it is critical to conduct research before beginning or committing to participation in any online surveys.

3. Establish a digital store

online store
online store

If you’re the artistic sort, you can open an Etsy shop. Sellers on Etsy sell everything from jewellery and apparel to artwork, invitations, yard signs, and other items. If that’s not your thing, you can open a drop-shipping business. You are effectively running a storefront with this method. When a customer orders something, you order it from a third party (usually a manufacturer, vendor, or wholesaler) and ship it directly to the customer. To get started, Shopify offers a dropshipping guide (and you can use their platform to create your store, too).

4. Sign up for a freelance platform

There are numerous platforms for online gig labour. Amazon Mechanical Turk, for example, is a website where you can complete tiny jobs for organisations all over the world. They could involve censoring content, conducting polls, or transcribing audio. Clickworker is another similar network, and if you have a specific ability, such as copywriting, editing, or graphic design, you can connect with potential clients through freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancer.com, and Upwork.

5. Create a YouTube channel

youtube channel

YouTube artists can make a lot of money – and it doesn’t always need a lot of skill. You can make how-to or explainer films on almost any subject, or you can get more personal and include yourself in the videos. You can interview experts, share tips and tactics, or simply show yourself playing video, mobile, or board games.

The key is to discover a niche and cultivate a following. You can earn money as a YouTube Partner by selling memberships, live chats, and subscriptions.

6. Work as a transcriptionist


If you’re a quick typist, you may make money by doing internet transcription. All you have to do is listen to audio recordings and then type out what you hear. Because you get paid per item, the faster you type, the better – at least monetarily. Some of the sites where you can get online transcription job include Rev.com, GoTranscript, and TranscribeMe.

7. Put websites and apps to the test


Do you consider yourself to be technologically savvy? If so, you can get paid to test new websites and mobile apps and find bugs. For example, at UserTesting.com, you may test new sites and products from companies such as GoDaddy, Hello Fresh, HP, Subway, and Canva. You only need a good WiFi connection, a microphone, and a computer or mobile device to get started. Other similar sites include BetaTesting.com, UserZoom, and Userlytics.

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