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  • Wow, Momo is a pioneering fast-food platform in India that offers low-cost franchising options. Because of its unique and effective marketing strategy, the platform has a phenomenal brand recognition across the country. And now that the firm has been quickly expanding across India, it is looking to expand through its franchise model, therefore this is one of the best times to get a Wow momo franchise in India.

  • The firm offers 17 distinct types of momos with varied flavours, and the filling in the momos is so tasty that it attracts a lot of consumers. The company’s finger-licking momos don’t take long to turn a new customer into a regular. As a result, creating a franchise is profitable and offers large returns for a small investment.
  • The investment required to open a Wow Momoo franchise in India is only 50,000 rupees, and the required space is 400 square feet.
  • Customers can choose from a variety of momo varieties and flavours at an inexpensive price on the platform. The company provides a low-cost restaurant franchise concept to its franchise partners, which is desired by many passionate entrepreneurs, which is why the company is currently profitable.
Wow momos
Momos review
  • The company operates in more than 13 Indian cities and has over 300 shops.
  • The cost of a wow momo franchise in India is approximately 8-20 lakhs, with a minimum size need of 250-300 square feet. The company provides all of the necessary training and support to get the franchise up and running.
  • In the world of momos lovers, wow momos has been a revolution.
  • Everyone has their own tastes, choices, and viewpoints.
  • Perhaps the majority of people enjoy the flavour of momos that you dislike because you have an unusual or unique taste preference.
  • The brand has brilliantly Innovated & Invented to make Sizzler Momos, MoBurg (Momo Burgers), Tandoori Momos, and a Baked Momo Au’gratin with a menu containing 12 different flavours of momos available in Steamed, Fried, and Pan-Fried formats, mostly in white and brown flour variants. To top it off, they provide a ‘Chocolate Momo’ for dessert!

  • One of its selling advantages was the sense of a healthy and sanitary environment. WOW! Momo’s distinguishing feature is that it sells roadside delicacies in a hygienic manner.
  • This is how they created a brand out of street momos.
  • Momos are one of India’s most beloved and adored cuisines, with a trend that began in Delhi and grew in popularity as a result of its aromatic taste and delectable flavour. Now, Wow Momo has become a prominent platform to offer delicious momos to people in India, and as a result, it has become one of the most profound and vibrant platforms in India, with a rapidly growing reach.

Which is Best Momo Store in Business City of Odisha (Cuttack)?

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  • The Silver City’s very first “Wow Momos” store is located on the street side of Mahatab Road, next to Grand Cinema and Sangam Cineplex. It’s a one-counter business with no seating, but you can happily gorge on momos while standing there and looking out over the road. Of course, you can always package your belongings. The staff is really courteous and helpful. For Cuttack Momo fans, this is a must-visit location. The momos served here are so rich and delicious that their flavour stays on your tongue for a long time. It’s great because of the thick stuffing, and you’ll want more. The freshness of the momos is palpable.

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Calories in Momos:

A plate of Momos has anywhere between 250-350 calories. This varies on the type of Momos you order and their size. If you are watching your weight, then learn more>>


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