The East Indian Kitchen

East Indian kitchen
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Published: 2011
East Indian Kitchen shows quickly how the search for a particular recipe and authentic flavours can lead to, or result from, wondrous journeys down the ages.

SpizeVilla’s Review:

  • Food and culture have always piqued my interest. There is a cultural background to the book. And, before diving into the recipes, it’s fascinating to learn about the people, culture, and history of the region. It’s a treasure to have as a foodie, blogger, and cook at times. Everything you can imagine is present. If you haven’t had East Indian cuisine yet, you’re missing out on something.
  • Lovely colourful photos, measurements mentioned, and masala cooking. Nice job on the Culture piece. The book, however, does not include all of the east Indian dishes.
  • The author has gone to great lengths to not only explain recipes and cooking styles, but also to provide readers a glimpse into the history of this cuisine.
  • “East India” is a term used by Indians to describe their country.
  • While most Indians equate “East India” with Bengal or Assam, this is a very different perspective. Reading and tasting this book was a delight!
  • I attempted a few dishes, the most of which were delicious, but some of which were a little tough for me to follow.
  • A good collection of recipes, but not for those who are new to cooking.
  • I’m an East Indian, and I was looking for a book that will teach me some delicious dishes.
  • This is a fantastic book about East Indian cookery.
  • The foreword and introduction are excellent. It was a pleasure to read.
  • The recipes are fantastic. Authentic and thorough explanations.
  • I’m really enjoying the recipes in this book.
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