Immunity+: Revitalise in 28 Days

The oldest yoga institute in the world now brings you the ultimate Sattvik cookbook that will enhance your positivity quotient and become an inseparable part of your life. Ancient Indian texts say that the trigunas-Sattva, Rajas and Tamas-pervade the universe and the human mind. Food that is Sattva is pure, happy, energizing, vitalizing and fulfilling; rajas is stimulating, passionate, ambitious and domineering; and tamas is dull, inactive, heavy and impure. Food influences the mind directly,…

SpizeVilla’s Review:

  • This is a fantastic book that includes in-depth ancient wisdom as well as easy-to-follow recipes. It also includes an accurate and comprehensive knowledge base, as well as a practical introduction to breathing techniques and delectable healthy vegetarian recipes.
  • The 4 week idea or look good feel great perform better programme, which genuinely pushes the immunological quotient higher and higher, is the most exquisite blend of holistic health for wellbeing I’ve ever seen. So join Mickey Mehta and Sanjeev Kapoor in strengthening your immune system.


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