Darjeeling Tea

Derivative of Black Tea with a light, nutty taste to it and a floral smell

English Breakfast

 Has a rich and hearty flavor and is often enjoyed with milk and sugar


Derivative of Green Tea, which is high in antioxidants and nutrient


A milky, sugary, and spicy beverage originating from India 

Earl Grey

Made mostly with Black tea, Earl Grey has smoky, fragrant, and citrus tones 

Jasmine Tea

Has a delicate aroma and a refreshing flavor 

Chamomile Tea

Is known for its soothing properties and floral flavor 

Oolong Tea

Falls between Green and Black Tea and is one of the top five true tea

Yerba Mate Tea

 It has high levels of caffeine and is often used as an alternative to coffee 

Rooibos Tea

 Light in flavor, this tea has health benefits for both the heart and liver

Pu`erh Tea

Has earthy, mellow, and balanced undertones and has become popular over the last few years 

Mint Tea

Tastes like mint leaves and helps to soothe upset stomachs 

Sencha Tea

 Most famous in Japan for its bitter taste

Lapsang Souchong Tea

A black tea with a smoky aftertaste