Truffle Fest on January

This two-day truffle festival in Sarlat-la-Canéda, Dordogne, features renowned black truffles. .

Lemon Fest on February

Monumental sculptures and floats of menton lemon crafted from the fruit at the seaside town’s Lemon Festival. 

Sea Urchin Fest in February

Fest takes place in the fishing port of Carry-le-Rouet 

Ham Fest in  March

Since 1462, the finest cured ham in the country has been honoured with zeal at Bayonne's famed ham market in Pays Basque.

Scallop Fest in  March

This two-day festival features delicious scallops caught in Brittany's Baie de St-Brieuc.

Cherries Fest in  May

Roussillon's sun-kissed Céret celebrates its cherry harvest with two days of markets, tastings, and live music. .

Garlic Fest in  June

During the garlic fair, the honey-colored village of Uzès in Languedoc is filled with heady scents. 

Oysters Fest in  July

Throughout the summer, seafaring villages along the Atlantic Coast's Bassin de Thau celebrate the legendary Bouzigues oyster and rowdy oyster feasts with tastings.

Champagne Fest in  August

This weekend celebration honouring the world's most famous bubbles features more than 20 top Champagne houses.

Mussels Fest in  September

Lille's largest outdoor flea market is as much about overdosing on mussels as it is about bargain hunting.

Chestnuts Fest in  October

Pick, munch, and fill up on sweet chestnuts native to the forests of Collobrières in Provence's Massif des Maures. 

Cow Fest in  October

The return of cattle from alpine summer pastures has been reason to party since the Middle Ages.  

Chilli Pepper Fest in  October

Highlights of this chili-pepper fair in Espelette, Pays Basque, include an official blessing of the town's chilli peppers.

Wine Fest in November

This three-day wine feast includes tastings, food, and a private wine auction on Burgundy's famed  Côte d'Or. 

Christmas Market in December

Strasbourg's month-long Christmas Market features fairy-light-covered shops offering crafts and spicy bredele (biscuits).