My Kitchen Table: 100 Cakes and Bakes

Marry Berry 100 cakes & bakes
Published: 2011
Mary Berry is the undisputed queen of cakes and here she shares her foolproof recipes for a classic victoria sponge, the perfect cupcake, her very best chocolate cake and a quick fruit cake, among many others.
Review By SpizeVilla:
  • Mary Berry’s recipes have always been a favourite of mine. So getting my hands on some of her best recipes was a dream come true. The majority of her recipes are appealing since they are one-bowl dishes that are simple to prepare.
  • A wonderful book chock-full of baking treasures. All of Mary Berry’s recipes are simple to follow, with all ingredients clearly given and stunning glossy images of each cake or dessert.
    Despite the fact that she is a fantastic baker and cook, she does not go overboard with her recipes or make them too complicated to follow. They’re simple cakes and desserts that anyone can prepare, and they’re even fun to eat.
  • I’ve tried baking a few cakes, including chocolate brownies and scones (see photos), and they turned out beautifully and tasted fantastic; if I can do it, so can you; acquire this book and you will not be disappointed.
    Great little book with fantastic recipes, and I love how it’s written for the beginning baker, yet goes into more depth so you get better results, like how to determine when a sponge is done. I got it for a friend who is just learning to bake and it is ideal for her.
  • My husband has caught the baking bug, so I ordered this book for them, knowing that Mary Berry’s recipes would be trustworthy. Their results have been excellent thus far. Too delicious, in fact, because I believe we’re all gaining weight. According to hubby, the book is well-illustrated, and the recipes are clear and simple to follow.
  • This book appeals to me because of the low price and the fact that it is written by Mary Berry. Her recipes have only failed me once, and they are deserving of five stars.
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